Woodlands Care Home in Aberdeen

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Residential Care in Aberdeen 

Residential Care will be available to residents at all hours of the day in a tranquil setting. We will provide specialist care for all levels. Whether it’s little or a lot of assistance our residents require, they can be sure they can always count on us for support.

If every day tasks are becoming a hindrance for someone, our team can help to make life that little bit easier, be it helping with personal care, mobility or medication, which enables our residents to spend more time doing the things that bring them joy.

Every prospective resident will have a consultation with a senior staff member where a residential care plan is created and personalised to their exact needs. At Woodlands Care Home we ensure a friendly face is always available to provide assistance at our luxury residence. 

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Nursing Care in Aberdeen

We will provide outstanding Nursing Care at Woodlands. Our dedicated team will be there ready to offer their undivided attention and exceptional care for both day care and night whether it’s assisting with personal care, administering medication or monitoring health conditions.

We are proud of our compassionate team who will provide advanced nursing care for those with high-dependency needs, long term management with health conditions, physical limitations and those needing palliative care.

We adopt personalised care, meaning every resident at home will be assigned their own Key Nurse who will form a close connection and provide the necessary care in line with their customised care plan. Our care home staff will be a form of support and reassurance for loved ones.

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Dementia Care in Aberdeen 

We are thrilled to offer Dementia Care within our care home for our residents living with dementia, providing them with a comfortable and supportive environment to live a happy life. We understand that specialised support is required for those living with Dementia, therefore our care home staff have been fully trained in order to provide this along with tailored care.

Dementia-friendly activities will be available on a regular basis as we believe it’s important to provide activities that can be enjoyed by a range of ages, interests and abilities. A member of staff will always be available if a resident needs assistance during an activity. 

Ensuring staff receive continual training will be an ongoing priority for us at Woodlands Care Home, so you can be confident that the highest standard of care will be given to those who need it most.

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Respite Care in Aberdeen

We understand that each resident will have their own reasons for staying with us and therefore their own independent requirements. For those needing Respite Care, this is offered to someone seeking assistance for a short period of time. Our home combines superb care with exceptional facilities which will aid in your recovery and we have a care inspectorate come and visit us regularly.

Respite care is the best care solution for those who have recently had an operation or illness and need some time to recover away from everyday life. Those who are full-time carers for a loved one can have the much needed time out from their everyday care duties until they feel ready.

In order to provide the most appropriate level of care, we will discuss individual needs prior to admission and advise on how long the duration of someone’s stay should be. Individuals can also use respite care to trial a care home to experience life first-hand and from there, decide on whether to move in on a permanent basis.

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