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One of the top facilities in our home for residents is our library. It is an area full of comfort and bliss, from the second residents walk in until the moment they leave. Residents can come to the library to either read a new book or find an old favourite to indulge in. The benefits of our library are endless, another reason why it is a common favourite amongst our residents.

Giving residents the opportunity to live their life with freedom and choice ensures that we keep their well-being our top priority with our person-focused care approach. Reading in a group or individually will both have a positive impact on their development and health which is important to us at Woodlands.

The Benefits of Library Visits

The natural benefits that relaxing and reading a book can bring are huge, and we encourage our residents to reap these benefits which come alongside this activity. Some benefits can include an increase in mental health, removing stress, an increase of sleep and increasing memory capacity. Reading in a group can give the same benefits, as well as developing speech and communication skills with others. There really isn’t anything to not enjoy at our beautiful library.

Woodlands Library
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A Place of Utmost Comfort

Our library is a designated relaxation space for residents and we have tastefully designed the area to support this. All books are easily accessible with ample room for residents to read their favourite picks. We have a plethora of genres to choose from so that each of our residents has something that they will enjoy reading. We have spaces for small groups to sit if residents wish to relax with company. We update our bookshelves on a regular basis so nobody ever gets bored or runs out of choices.

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What You’ll Find at Woodlands

Our care home has been purposely-built to offer a range of facilities and services, all aimed at ensuring the comfort and well-being of our residents, enabling them to lead fulfilling lives.

Range of Books

Newspaper & Magazines

Table Top Games

Library FAQs

Our library boasts an array of titles, ranging from classic literature to the latest releases. Additionally, residents can enjoy newspapers and magazines, with the option to arrange subscriptions.

We consistently update our library collection with new reading materials, and we are grateful for the generous donations from residents, their families, and local companies.

The design of our library is to offer residents a serene and comfortable space to read and play a quiet game, complete with comfortable armchairs and side tables.

Person-Centred Care Provided By a Compassionate Care Team

We take great pride in providing a wide range of care services at our Aberdeen care home. We are dedicated to ensuring that every resident not only receives exceptional care but also has the opportunity to engage in their hobbies, pursue interests, and build new friendships.

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